JPIP is one of the few institutes in India devoted to applied research in Psychology. The institute is recognized by Savitribai Phule Pune University as Research and Ph. D. center since 1980. As an extension and application of research, academic activities are undertaken.

In post independence period, our country faced many challenges related to education. After globalization, challenges in educational field took a new turn. As an attempt to intervene in this, with vast research experience in the fields of psychology and education, JPIP initially started the Post Graduate Diploma in School Psychology in 1993. This is one of the rarest courses in School Psychology. It not only focuses the remedial or curative work with students but aims all round development and well-being of students. As a part of this, life skills development, thinking skills development, self-study skills development is also focused upon. The course is one year full time diploma that is recognized by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). It aims at developing trained personnel in the field of School Psychology. Over 400 students have completed this practically orientated, immensely useful course. They are contributing to the field in the capacity of Principals, Counselors, School Psychologists and Consultants.

Progress of the nation depends on the holistic nurturance of high potentials. But unfortunately, need to care for these talents is not much recognized at either system level or societal level. Recognizing the need to spread awareness in this regard and train personnel in this field, another specialized course is designed that deals with the education of high ability individuals: Education of the gifted: methods and Strategies. This is one year full time advanced diploma immensely helpful for teachers, counselors and parents willing to work for identification and nurturance of different abilities and talents in children and adults.

Sensing the need for training in basic child psychology, another autonomous correspondence program was designed for psychology as well as non-psychology professionals, who wish to apply knowledge of child and adolescent psychology to their respective professions: Child and Adolescent Psychology - Enhancing Potentials' (CAPEP). This course contains basics of cognitive psychology, physical and psychological development, common adjustment issues and difficulties related to age group of 0 to 16 years. It includes two days intensive training program aiming at enhancing abilities with the help of different games and activities. This course is proving helpful for teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers/ individuals working in NGOs related to children and adolescents, parents and grandparents too.

An in depth training program Quest for Happiness (आनंदाची शोधयात्रा), based on principles in positive psychology is conducted twice a year. Inputs related to Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) are given to make one’s life happy and satisfied. It makes the participants aware about stressors, one’s thinking process related to them, and inputs are given regarding management of unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Apart from these regular programs short term programs in ‘Orientation to Psychological testing’, Career Advisor training program’, In depth training in Research Methodology are some additional programs arranged annually.


  • Experienced teachers / resource persons.
  • Learner friendly methods and content articulation
  • More emphasis upon practical experience
  • Flexibility in designing the courses/ programs as per needs of the society
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Well-equipped psychological test laboratory and library
  • Exposure to various psychological tools

Courses Offered



P.G. Diploma in School Psychology

P.G. Diploma in Education of the Gifted

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