41 . After completing CAPEP will it be possible for me to get the admission for M.Phil. or P.hd.?
You will have to fulfill the norms of the respective University for M.phil. / Ph. D.
42 . After completing CAPEP can I work as a counselor?
As this course is a correspondence course, we only provide you the basic knowledge of Psychology and Child development. For working as a counselor you will have to go for PGD in School Psychology.
43 . Presently which activities are held by JPIP?
JPIP is involved in Tribal Giftedness Identification & Standardizing norms for the same.
44 . Do you have facility of psychometric testing for employees?
Yes, We have a separate department working for Assessment and Development in companies, where you can get hundreds of tests for employees. We are powered to arrange need based assessment.
45 . What are your procedures for ADC (Assessment and Development Center)?
The usual one. Will send you PPP for details.
46 . Can you assist in performance appraisal?
Yes, for hundreds of employees & on many need-based competencies.
47 . One of our employees has psychological problem. Will you deal with him? How?
Yes. We can counsel him with prior appoitment.
48 . Do you have facilitators for Soft-Skill training?
Many experts are there. We train on varied topics, which has foundation of research. PPP will help you.
49 . I am interested in research in OB (Organizational Behaviour). Will I get guidance from you?
50 . Do you supply tests to industries?
51 . Will you develop tests for us?
Yes, & also will execute for you.
52 . Which tests are been used for assessment in industries?
JPIP has many psychometricians in the team, so we develop tests as per need and also adapt foreign tests, measuring varied competencies.

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