Internship in Psychology

Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology announces internship scheme in Psychology with the objective of providing short term exposure of various applications of Psychology to selected candidates.


The objectives are twofold.

  1. To encourage association of young academic talent with the Institute’s work.
  2. The Interns shall have opportunity to know the real life applications of Psychology and contribute in some way to the psychological work beneficial to the society.


This scheme seeks to engage students pursuing post graduate degree or post graduate diploma from any recognized college/University as ‘Interns’ . The details of necessary qualifications are as follows- At least one year education after graduation, e.g. M.A. (Psychology), M.Sc.(Child Development/ Psychology), M.S.W. part I should be completed. Along with this P.G. diploma in child development, school psychology, counselling will also be considered.


Internship will be conducted twice in a year in the months of July and January. intern can work for at least four hours a day for minimum of 5 weeks (30 working days: 120 hours) up to maximum three months (75 working days: 300hours).

Areas of Work:

The intern may select maximum three areas of the following to work.
1. Education of the Gifted
2. Research
3. Psychometrics
4. Human Resource department
5. Aptitude testing and Career Guidance
6. Potential Enhancement in Children
7. Guidance and Counselling
8. School Psychology

Following facilities will be provided by the institute:

  • Access to library books
  • Internet access strictly for academic purpose
  • Exposure to selected psychological tests
  • Comprehensive Child Development Program: trainers’ training and Sexuality Education: Trainers’ training will be available at additional charges.
  • Opportunity to participate/observe some activities from other departments of JP as per their convenience/ prior permission.

Responsibilities and tasks of the Intern:

  1. Maintaining consistency, regularity and sincerity in the tasks assigned by the concerned section heads.
  2. Signing the attendance register daily
  3. Weekly report to the supervisor and getting it signed by coordinator of the activity/section-heads
  4. Keep a daily diary of the tasks undertaken
  5. Participate in the central programs of the Institute as per the need

Internship Charges:

Rs. 5000/- Refundable deposit for Indian nationals and US $ 100 for foreign nationals.

Charges for Indian nationals

  • Charges for 1 month - Rs. 900/-
  • Charges for 2 months - Rs. 1700/-
  • Charges for 3 months - Rs. 2500/-

Charges for foreign nationals

  • Charges for 1 month - US $ 100
  • Charges for 2 months - US $ 170
  • Charges for 3 months - US $ 230

Concession will be offered in charges to interns from economically disadvantaged sections provided they clear the entrance interview. They need to provide authentic documents for that. Decision of the Director of the institute will be final in this regard.


Interns will be provided with a certificate at the end of the engagement. Certificate will not be issued if the candidate fails to complete the requisite period.

The internship may be discontinued any time if the performance of the intern is not found satisfactory or the intern is absent without authorization of the guide.

Code of Conduct:

Intern will maintain the dignity, decorum and discipline in the office, failing which the internship will be liable to be terminated.

  • The Intern shall follow the rules and regulations of the Institute that are in general applicable to employees of the Institute
  • The Intern shall follow the confidentiality protocol of the Institute and shall not reveal to any person or organisation confidential information on the Institute, its work and its policies.
  • Interns may, with the prior permission of the Institute, present their work to academic bodies and at seminars and conferences. However, even for this purpose information that is confidential to the Institute cannot be revealed under any circumstances.
  • Any papers and documents written and/or published by the Intern should carry the caveat that the views are the personal views of the Intern and do not represent or reflect the views of the Institute.
  • Interns will follow the advice given to them by the Institute regarding representations to third parties.
  • No Intern shall interact with or represent the Institute to the media (print and electronic) without prior permissionor else he/ she will be fined and will not get the certificate.
  • Interns will conduct themselves professionally in their relationship with the Institute and the public in general.
  • The internship is neither a job nor an assurance of a job with the Institute.
  • Interns are not provided food or accommodation


  1. The Institute may disengage from the Intern if the Institute is of the view that the services of the Intern are no more required.
  2. In general the Institute may terminate the services of the Intern at any time without assigning any reasons and with immediate effect.
  1. In general, if the Intern decides to disengage from the Institute, he should provide 2 weeks’ prior notice. However, the Institute may in certain cases, particularly interns who plan to stay for more than 2 months, prescribe a notice period of unto one month. Notice period may be waived from time to time by the supervisor depending on the role of the Intern.
  2. Upon termination, the Intern must hand over to the Institute, any papers, equipments or other assets which might have been given to the Intern by the Institute in course of his work with the Institute.

No refund of fees except the deposit will be given for any of the above reasons.

Entrance procedure:

Interested Candidates should apply online and submit the copy of the application in the institute. In the application, they should mention the areas of interest. Maximum of ten candidates per batch will be selected solely on the basis of their performance in the interview.

Once they are selected, they are required to submit the letter from their parent department/ faculty indicating their status in the institution along with the academic eligibility document.


Apply online


Last date of Application:

15th June for July Batch, 15th December for January Batch.

  • JPIP reserves the right to modify the scheme at any point of time.
  • JPIP head has power to relax any of the conditions mentioned above in respect of any deserving candidate.

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