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Name of the TestMediumType of the testGrade/ Age LevelAbout the test
शिशु प्रज्ञा ( Shishu Prajna)MarathiPaper- Pencil2-5 Years A battery of 15 tests assessing mental age through congnition, memory, motor coordination, etc. This test is prepared by JPIP.
Indian Child Intelligence TestEnglish, Marathi, Gujarathi, HindiPaper- Pencil6 - 12 years (Work for 4 years and 5 years is in progress) A battery of 9 intelligence tests measuring cognition, memory, reasoning, spatial visulization. Originally developed in Holland and adapted by JPIP to Indian situation.
बुध्दिमापन कसोटीMarathiPaper- PencilGrade V - X A battery of 25 tests measuring academic intelligence. Verbal / Nonverbal Paper Pencil tests.
प्रज्ञा-मान-कसोटीमाला आणि सामाजिक-प्रज्ञा-कसोटीमाला (Prajna-Man-Kasotimala and Samajik-Prajna-Kasotimala)MarathiPaper- Pencil12 yrs to 16 yrs (Grade VII-X)Can be extended at both the ends upto Grade V and adult level. Battery of 20 tests measuring understanding, memory, reasoning, creativity and judgment of - visual, numerical, verbal and behavioural content. (Based on SOI Model)
Inventories for assessment of personality school adjustment,home adjustmentMarathiPaper- PencilGrade V - X To find out clients' level of adjustment in respective spheres. Mainly used in counselling set-up.
व्यक्तित्व शोधिका ( Vyaktitva Shodhika )MarathiPaper- PencilAdults and children Grade V + Tests constructed for in-house programs or limited purpose. Tests of basic skills, decision making, projective tests of positive thinking and achievement motivation, situational tests of leadership qualities , tests of finger dexterity, and steadiness, tests of social awareness, satisfaction scale, etc.
Scientific CreativityMarathi, EnglishPaper- PencilStd. IX and above Test measuring Creativity in science and related subjects.
I AM - Intelligence and Aptitude MeasurementEnglish, Marathi, Telgu, TamilPaper- Pencil, Soft-ware VersionStd. X and above An Aptitude test for the assessment of following Eight abilities : Cognitive, Reasoning, Spatial, Verbal, Social, Numerical, Figural Memory and Numerical Memory and Five orientations : Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social, and Power Orientation.( This test is an instrument used for Vocational Guidance)
SWAYAM - Studies and Work related Aptitude in Youth - Advance MeasurementEnglish, MarathiPaper- PencilGraduation and Above An Aptitude test for Graduate students Measures Abilities : Cognition, Convergent Production, Evaluation, Logical-Analytical, Numerical, Verbal, Social Ability, Spatial. and Orientations : Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social, Power. Also Four Personality Dimensions. (Available only for Testing and Guidance NOT for SALE)
JPIP iTaP (intelligence, talent, adjustment & personality)English, MarathiPaper- Pencil To get an objective and realistic view of Individual Sketch or profile.
To identify strong points or assets and weak points of the child.
To plan appropriate training and counseling for enriching the personal sketch of the child.
20 Test Batteries based on structure of Intellect (SI) Model measuring 120 factorsMarathi, EnglishPaper- PencilPreferably std. V to X (also can be used for Adults) Test based on Guilford's model of Intelligence - 'Structure of Intellect'
Numerical Ability TestEnglish, MarathiPaper- PencilStd. VIII and Above for research and educational Purpose only
Social Intelligence TestEnglish, MarathiPaper- PencilStd. VIII and Above This is a test-battery measuring the ability to recognize, understand,eveluate and judge social scenareo.(for research and educational Purpose only)
सत्व - रज - तम Personality Inventory (Satva - Raja - Tama Personality Inventory) English, MarathiPaper- Pencil, software versionFor Adults This test is based on concepts of personality in Ayurveda Satva, Raja and Tama are the three types of personalities defined in Ayurveda, mainly used for diagnostic purpose. (Partially Standardised)
My Self in a Group English, MarathiPaper- PencilFor Adults For research and Educational Purpose only
Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire English, MarathiPaper- PencilFor Adults/td> Used for the employees in different organizations from private & public sectors. It assess five components, namely: Psycho-Energy, Organizational Awareness, Superiors, Colleagues and concrete Gains. The findings reveal strengths and weaknesses of the organization which help in planning the organizational development along with departments and posts.
Exploring Emotional Abilities (EEA) English, MarathiPaper- PencilFor Adults This is a test based on 'Goleman's model' for assessing emotional intelligence (EQ). It helps not only to 'Understand' emotions, but also tries to encompass behavioral outcomes of emotionality.
Marital Satisfaction Scale (MSS) English, MarathiPaper- Pencil, Software VersionFor Adults A comprehensive tool for assessing marital satisfaction. It is available in the four different forms like : Full form-the original test, Abreviated versions A & B, third is for couples with infertility and last form is about Expectations from married life (EML).
प्रज्ञा कसोटी ( Mental Ability Test ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilLevel I - Std. V&VI Level II - Std. VII - IX This is a figural test measuring understanding, reasoning and judgment. Consists of nine subtests.
Numerical Ability Testअंक प्रज्ञा कसोटी ( Numerical Ability Test ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilLevel I - Std. V&VI Level II - Std. VII - IX The test measures understanding of basic numerical concepts, simple numerical computations and numerical reasoning. Arranged in two levels. Consists of four subtests at each level.
स्मरण कसोटी ( Memory Test ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilLevel I - Std. V&VI Level II - Std. VII - IX The test measures short term memory of figures, numbers, meaning and association of words and human relationships depicted through pictures.
वाचन कसोटी ( Reading Test ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilLevel I - Std. V&VI Level II - Std. VII - IX The test measures recognition of letters words and sentences. Vocabulary, comprehension and its effective use. Ability to identify important ideas from prose.
गणित प्रज्ञा कसोटी ( Mathematical Ability Test ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilLevel I - Std. V&VI Level II - Std. VII - IX The test measures understanding of basic mathematical concepts, mathematical operations, sequencing with reasoning. Arranged according to academic levels. Arranged in two levels.
बुद्धिमापन कसोटी ( Buddhimapan Kasoti ) English, MarathiPaper- PencilSet 1-Std. V Set 2 –Std. VI Set 3 – Std. VII & VIII Set 4 – Std. IX A battery of 21tests measuring academic intelligence. (Arranged in four over lapping sets of 10 each) Consists of verbal and non-verbal tests.

Detailed and additional information of tests

Technical Manuals For Professionals / Students

    Name & Type of the test :
  • Manual for Administering Psychological Tests( Medium : English )
  • MConstruction of a Battery of tests Based on SI Model( Medium : English )
  • Construction of Tests for Measurement of Behaviour, Intelligence( Medium : English )


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