About Aptitude Test and Career Guidance

The education system that prevails at present and the subsequent career choice is creating confusion in the minds of many student and their parents.

During the years of schooling and graduation, taking an aptitude test and deciding further course of education based on the test report, has now become a practice. There is a possibility that success in business or job does not entirely depend upon one's efforts and hard work, but more so on how one fits well into that perticular business or job profile.


  • Conducting aptitude tests for 10th and above.
  • Carrer guidance and counselling.


Success Stories

  • Rotary District 313 And ATCG

    Both institutes had work in collaboration to measured an I-AM aptitude test for 10th to 12th std students in different districts of Maharashtra and had completed the work successfully, Around 3500 students had attempted the test for this project and get the appropriate guidance from the test results.

  • Shyamchi Aai Foundation
  • Cummins India Ltd.

    After 12th Board examination students were very much confused about the engineering field. We develop a separate test for engineering Aptitude Measure. So student can get the direction as to pursue this faculty or not.
    We completed 1000 students testing successfully for Cumin’s India Company.

  • Kalyan Bank
  • The Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank
  • SWAYAM Testing

    JPSS develop this Test for Graduate Students to Measure a Persons Psyche and the effects of it on his or her business or job. Two well Known banks Kalyan Bank and Vishweshvar Sahakari Bank give us opportunity to work with them. Around 600 people from these two banks had attempted the test and guidance sessions.


Ms. Nilima Apte



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