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JPIP is a research Institute aiming towards Identification and nurturance of human potentials for social cause.
Areas of Research : Mainly related to Psychology and education. JPIP has conducted research in Psychometrics, Developmental Psychology, School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Indian Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Defence Psychology, and Psychology of Gifted. It has covered topics like intelligence and cognitive competencies, reading and Study skills, school environment, creativity, leadership, women's studies, behavioural intelligence, emotional intelligence, parenting, yoga, personality development, self-concept, social awareness, satisfaction in life etc. It has also undertaken interdisciplinary researches with humanities, languages, health Psychology, Physical sciences, managerial sciences, etc. Important agencies which gave financial backing to some of these: UGC, NCERT, SCERT, ICSSR, SRTI, TATA TRUST, NCY, University of Utrecht (Psychology Department).


  • Conducting Research projects on various Psychological, Educational, Social, Biological issues.
  • Training and directing students, researchers regarding research methodology.


  • Social and applied orientation while taking up research projects.
  • Enough space for newer concept development and root level research. Micro and Macro level research topics
  • Multi Faceted research (Combination of various subjects)


  • Consultancy for Research Projects
  • Training Programme
  • Ph.D. Guidance
  • Research Guidance

Research Done So Far

Sr. No.SectionListReviewSample Abstract
1 Creativity view view view
2 About Giftedness view view view
3 Educational Psychology view view view
4 Readings in Reading view view view
5 Social Psychology view view view
6 Organizational Psychology view view view
7 Indian Psychology view view view

Ongoing Research Projects

Sr. No.Title of the ProjectDurationPrincipal investigatorResearch assistant(s)Funding fromNature
1 Changing concept of quality of life across the generations 2014-16Dr. Anagha LavalekarSanhita KarmalkarUGCIndependent
2 Student’s quality of life 2014-16Dr. Sucharita GadrePooja DekhneJPIPIndependent
3 QOL of defence ( paramilitary forces) and police personnel 2013-15Dr. Anagha LavalekarKanchan PandeyJPIPCollaborative
4 The efficacy of an 'Achievement Motivation Training Programme for 8th standard girls' 2012-15Dr. Pranita JagtapJPIPIndependent
5 Enhancement of thinking skill among high school students 2014-15Dr. Sujala WatveDr. Deepak GupteJPIPIndependent
6 Effect of training in divergent thinking for children from different socio economic groups 2014-15Sujata HonapVeena TikheJPIPIndependent
7 Work life balance of women medical professionals 2015-17Dr. Anagha LavalekarKanchan PandyeJPMTIndependent
8 Mental health assessment screening test 2016-18Dr. Sucharita GadreSantosh JanraoJPIPIndependent
9 Psychological wellbeing of pregnant primies: intervention impact 2016-18Dr. Manasee DeshmukhAshwini WalimbeJPIPIndependent
10 Emotional resilience of parents of children with prolonged illness: intervention impact 2016-18Dr. Sanjyot DeshpandeSaee MalayJPIPIndependent
11 Personality development of rural adolescent girls through sports: intervention impact 2016-18Dr. Jyoti KanitkarAsmita InamdarJPIPIndependent
12 Life skill development of rural adolescents : intervention impact 2014Dr. Pranita JagtapAsmita InamdarNichrome industries Pune.Independent
13 Developing positive traits in children of age 7-12 through non formal training: intervention impact 2016-17Sujata HonapVeena Tikhe-ShepalJPIPIndependent
14 Impact of feminist ideoplogy on QOl of women : Case study 2016-18Dr. Anagha LavalekarKanchan PandyeJPSSIndependent
15 Family culture of chronically ill patients 2014-16Dr. Vanita PatwardhanDr. Ashwini GijreIndependent

Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences held at JPIP :

  • IQ Controversy( A National Seminar) : January 1988
  • IQ Controversy : 1990
  • Nature and Nurture of Intelligence(at the occasion of First Indian Mensa Meet(IM) : January, 1993
  • Identification and Nurture of Intelligence( 8th conference of Marathi Manas - Shastra Parishad) : January, 1994
  • Development of research proposals in Psychology and Education : 1997
  • Thesis writing and evaluation : 1999
  • Research Methodology : 2004
  • National Seminar on ICIT Testing and beyond : 2005
  • Orientation towards Psychological Testing : 2006
  • Concept of Intelligence in Modern Psychology : 2008
  • Specialties of boarding Students : 2008
  • Intelligence(Concept of development) : 2008
  • National Seminar on 'ICIT Testing and Beyond' : 2010
  • Beyond Horizons(Giftedness in 21st Century) : 7th to 9th February 2013

Ph.D Holders At JPIP

No.TitleNames of the ResearchersGuidesYear Ph. D. AwardedCentre Of Research
1 An Experimental study of process of leadership among secondary school children Late. Dr. V.V. Pendse Prof.V.K.Kothurkar 1961Savitribai Phule Pune University
2 A study of Achievement Motivation among the young Adolescent Boys in Pune city Dr. V.S.Tamhankar Prof.V.K.Kothurkar 1967Savitribai Phule Pune University
3 Creativity in relation to Intelligence and Personality Factor Dr. Usha Khire Prof.V.K.Kothurkar 1970Savitribai Phule Pune University
4 An Experimental study of some methods of Training in Creativity Dr. Ashok Nirpharake Prof.V.K.Kothurkar 1977Savitribai Phule Pune University
5 An Experimental Analytical study of the acquisition of Reading Skill Dr. Swarnalata Bhishikar Prof.V.K.Kothurkar 1979Savitribai Phule Pune University
6 Identifying the ability of decision-making in social situations among young adolescents Dr. Bala Kulkarni Prof. Usha Khire 1987Savitribai Phule Pune University
7 Storytelling: A way for Developing child's personality Dr. Anil Godbole Prof. Usha Khire 1988JPSS
8 Preparation of an integrated programme of training in scientific creativity and experimental study of its effects on students of 9th grade Dr. Nalini Gujarathi Prof. V.B. Mehta 1992SNDT
9 Development of Behavioral Intelligence (Social Intelligence) among the gifted students through training Dr. Manasee Rajhans Prof. Usha Khire 1992JPSS
10 A comparative study of thinking process of rural and urban women with special emphasis on creative thinking Dr. Vanita Patwardhan Prof. D.Y. Purankar 1994SNDT
11 A comparative study of the effects of training in creative thinking on the socially advantaged and the disadvantaged children Dr. Mandakini Nagarkar Prof. Ashok Nirpharake 1996JPSS
12 Development of 'Group Achievement Motivation' in a sport team Dr. Jyoti Kanitkar Prof. Ashok Nirpharake 1996JPSS
13 Effects of tones & phonetics on the higher functions of the Brain Dr. Anita Patil Prof. Usha Khire, Prof. P.S. Damle 1997JPSS
14 Training in Social Awareness Dr. Anagha Lavalekar Prof. Usha Khire 1998JPSS
15 Follow-up study of the intellectually gifted persons nurtured in an enriched educational programme Dr. Sujala Watve Prof. Ashok Nirpharake 2001JPSS
16 A comparison of performance on Indian Child Intelligence Test (ICIT) of children with mental retardation and learning difficulties Dr. Analpa Paranjpe Prof. Usha Khire 2003JPSS
17 A critical analysis of the psychometric properties of a computerized test battery Dr. Meenakshi Gokhale Prof. Usha Khire 2004JPSS
18 Effect of Parenting skills on Mental Abilities of children Dr. Devasena Desai Prof. Usha Khire, Prof. Rene A. Hoksbergen 2005JPSS
19 A Study of the Relationship between Morale, Affiliation Motive and Perceived Challenges of the Indian Army Dr. Rajashree Nighojkar Prof. Usha Khire, Prof. Gautam Sen 2010JPSS
20 A Correlational Study of Certain Abilities, Behavioural and Emotional Problems of Children with Learning Difficulties Dr. Manasee Deshmukh Prof. Vanita Patwardhan 2011JPSS
21 A Study of Patterns of Development of Gifted as Related to School Climate Dr. Sucharita Gadre Prof. Vanita Patwardhan 2011JPSS
22 Developing and evaluating a remedial programme for writing difficulty in children Ms. Ashwini Gijare Prof. Vanita Patwardhan 2013Savitribai Phule Pune University
23 Study of adolescent stress in relation to grade, gender and percieved school and home environment Ms. Monika Dass Prof. Vanita Patwardhan 2013Savitribai Phule Pune University
24 Developing Psychological Wellbeing Facilitation Program and Testing its Efficacy for 8th Std. Girls Prdnya Kulkarni Dr. Vanita Patwardhan 2016JPSS
25 Stress and Team Behaviour in Relation to Employee Satisfaction in Employees of Public and Private Sectors Samita Samaiya Dr. Vanita Patwardhan 2015JPSS
26 Personality Factors, Marital Satisfaction and Perceived Level of Career Success in Late Married and Early Married Individuals Rajashree Kapure Dr. Anagha Lavalekar 2016Dept of Psychology, SPPU
27 A Study of Relationship between Parenting and Communication Styles of Parents and the Personality of the Adolescents with Perceived Parenting Style as Mediating Variable Kshipra Moghe Dr. Anagha Lavalekar 2016Dept of Psychology, SPPU

Ongoing Ph.D

No.TitleNames of the ResearchersGuidesCentre Of Research
1 The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Type D personality and Coronary Artery Disease in Adult Males. Sheena Phillips Dr. Anagha Lavalekar Dept of Psychology, SPPU
2 To study the the effect of gratitude intervention on dispositional gratitude , authenticity, and emotional intelligence for youth between 17-19 Shilpa Salve Dr. Anagha Lavalekar JPSS
3 Study of Psychological Wellbeing of Intellectually Above Average College students in relation to Family Environment and Classroom Environment Dhanashree Sovani Dr. Anagha Lavalekar JPSS
4 Comparative Effects of Shavasana and the Supine Meditation on Bio-Phase Angle, Resting Metabolic Rate and Emotional Intelligence, in Students of a Yoga College Ranjitsinh Bhogal Dr. Anagha Lavalekar JPSS
5 Resilience, Emotional Competence and Internal Locus of Control in Goan Adolescents of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Parents Maria Fatima D’Costa Dr. Anagha Lavalekar JPSS
6 Impact of Psychological Capital (Psy Cap) and Satisfaction with life on Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Lege Keerti Gohel Dr. Analpa Vaidya JPSS

Guidance to short Research studies of foreign students:

Dayna KerstenNetherland
Lianne ZwetNetherland
Tongeren, K.Netherland
Vries, S.M.Netherland
Nijober, Y.L.Netherland
Jocylen FonsUnited States
Megan MoranUnited States
Carolyn ColladoUnited States
Stephanie ArzateUnited States
Gwen GardinerUnited States

Success Stories

JPIP has conducted milestone research projects in :

  • Exploring J.P. Guilford's model of structure of intellect
  • In all 23 Ph.D. awardees in different topics
  • Major projects in school environment, follow up of gifted, marital satisfaction- emotional intelligence, personality development of youth, sexuality education- gender sensitization


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