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Name of the Test Availability Grade/ Age Level About the test
iA - Intelligence and Aptitude Measurement (अभिक्षमता मापन चाचणी ) JPIP Std. X and above An Aptitude test for the assessment of following Eight abilities: Cognitive, Reasoning, Spatial, Verbal, Social, Numerical, Figural, Memory and Numerical Memory and Five orientations : Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social, and Power Orientation. ( This test is an instrument used for Vocational Guidance) Avail
SWAYAM - Studies and Work related Aptitude in Youth - Advance Measurement (स्वयं चाचणी) JPIP Graduation and Above

An Aptitude test for Graduate students Measures Abilities: Cognition, Convergent Production, Evaluation, Logical-Analytical, Numerical, Verbal, Social Ability, Spatial and Orientations: Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social, Power. Also Four Personality Dimensions. (Available only for Testing and Guidance NOT for SALE)

BEAM: Battery of Entrepreneur Aptitude Measurement JPIP Graduation and Above This unique test is one of a kind that measures abilities, achievement, attributes, and orientation and personality dimensions of a candidate. He / she may belong to any field and may be apprehensive about their prospects in a job or may wish to venture into business. This three hour computerized test is available in English and Marathi. A detailed guidance session follows provided by a qualified and accomplished mentor who explains the report in depth and helps the candidate gain clarity in light of his personality and abilities. Appropriate training, counseling and mentoring is thus provided. Avail
i-Tap: Intelligence, Talent, Adjustments and Personality JPIP Std. 7th to 9th This test is meant for students of Std 7th to 9th and aims at helping them to make a choice of stream post Std 10th. It spans 2.5 hrs and is available in English and Marathi. It gives a profile of the student in terms of general intelligence, abilities, personality dimensions and family & school adjustment. A guidance session with the student and parents follows wherein the report is explained in-depth. Avail
JPIP Mind Search (MHAST) JPIP Adult A tool to identify mental health status of working population. A simple self- report inventory.Measures level of efficiency and capacity of individuals to workindependently.Identifies wide range of mental health problems reflected throughemotional, behavioral and thought disturbances.Test includes 51 items and approximately takes 20 minutes.It is available in English and Marathi. Avail

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