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Recently Completed / Ongoing Researches

Sr. No. Title of the Project Duration Focus Area Funding From Nature
1 QOL of defence ( paramilitary forces) and police personnel 2013-15 Quality of life JPIP Collaborative
2 The efficacy of an 'Achievement Motivation Training Programme for 8th standard girls' 2012-15 Motivation JPIP Independent
3 Enhancement of thinking skill among high school students 2014-15 Quality of life JPIP Independent
4 Effect of training in divergent thinking for children from different socio economic groups 2014-15 Giftedness JPIP Independent
5 Student’s quality of life 2014-16 Quality of life JPIP Independent
6 Family culture of chronically ill patients 2014-16 Quality of life JPMT Independent
7 Work life balance of women medical professionals 2015-17 Quality of life JPMT Independent
8 Mental health assessment screening test 2016-18 Quality of life JPIP Independent
9 Life skill development of rural adolescents : intervention impact 2016-18 Quality of life Nichrome industries Pune. Independent
10 Psychological wellbeing of pregnant primies: intervention impact 2016-18 Quality of life JPIP Independent
11 Emotional resilience of parents of children with prolonged illness: intervention impact 2016-18 Quality of life JPIP Independent
12 Personality development of rural adolescent girls through sports: intervention impact 2016-18 Giftedness JPIP Independent
13 Developing positive traits in children of age 7-12 through non formal training: intervention impact 2017-18 Giftedness JPIP Independent
14 Impact of feminist ideology on QOl of women : Case study 2016-18 Quality of life JPSS Independent
15 Youth upliftment for Vibrant adolescents 2017-18 Quality of life JPSS, MSWC Collaborative
16 Changing concept of quality of life across the generations 2017-19 Quality of life UGC Independent
17 Careers of JPP Girls 2017-20 Giftedness JPIP Independent
18 Good touch Bad touch - ओळखस्पर्शाची 2017-20 Quality of life BajajFinServ Independent

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