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Who We Are ?

Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology (JPIP) is an offspring of Jnana Prabodhini – the mother Institute and a psychology wing of Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha (JPSS) and it is affiliated to the University of Pune as a research centre. It is recognised nationally and internationally. It aims at ‘Identification and nurturance of human potentials for a social cause with a foundation of research’. It focuses on the core human potentials like Intellectual Abilities, Traits, Competencies, Skills and Behavioral aspects. JPIP reaches to a variety of people from all walks of life from India and abroad.

JPIP covers multiple areas of research on Psychology and Education. JPIP has researched psychometrics, human development, school psychology, educational psychology, Indian psychology, organisational behaviour, gender issues, defence psychology, and psychology of gifted. It has covered topics like intelligence and cognitive competencies, reading and study skills, school environment, creativity, leadership, women’s studies, behavioural intelligence, emotional intelligence, parenting, yoga, personality development, self-concept, social awareness, satisfaction in life etc. It has also undertaken interdisciplinary researches with humanities, languages, health Psychology, physical sciences, and managerial sciences.

It has been helping leading industries for their recruitment, placement, promotion and imparting training programs in life skills. JPIP has its assessment and guidance centre and also has a separate training department for children and laypersons. It offers postgraduate academic courses in school psychology, educating the gifted as well as it is a recognised PhD centre for SPPU in the domain of Psychology. Thus JPIP is providing its services through all the strata of society through its six verticals.

JPIP is mainly devoted to Psychology, but it has room for other subjects undertaken by JPSS. One of the essential functions of JPIP is to conduct seminars, conferences, educational activities related to research; it also provides facilities and scholarships for research and makes available guidance and consultancy based on research products. Finally, here are some features of JPIP :

  • A leading advanced Research Institute in India in the field of Psychology and Education
  • Engaged in research, teaching, training, guidance and counseling, corporate services and consultancy for last 40 years
  • Made significant contributions in identification and nurturance of human abilities
  • Based on the research in psychometrics, JPIP has developed 120 tests for measuring 120 factors of intelligence and many more tests.

JPIP's Infrastructure

  • Structure Of JPIP

Our Collaboration

JPIP has collaborate with other agencies for several projects as :

  • Jnana Prabodhini Medical Trust
  • MENSA India
  • Marathi Manasshastra Parishad
  • University of Utrecht (Psychology Department)