After completion of 15 years, a need was felt to create a separate department and also to have formal recognition from U.G.C.Thus the name ‘Pradnya Manas Sanshodhika’ was decided. ‘Pradnya’ is the ‘Intellect’. Education that was to be provided to the ‘Intellectually Gifted Students’ contained two aspects ‘ Awakening of the inspired mind’ and ‘Attitude Formation’. Both these were aspects of the ‘Mind’. Hence the name contained the word ‘Manas,’ i.e. the mind and hence the name ‘Institute for Research in Intellect and Mind’. In Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology was recognized University Grants Commission (UGC), a national level body as an independent institute. Then this work formally started its progress as a PhD study centre after getting recognition from then Pune university. The initial research was completed under the guidance of Mr V. K. Kothurkar, a renowned psychometrician in the seventies. Out of this, the other sections of JPIP slowly developed.