Identifying and nurturing human intelligence for social cause

India is a nation that is blessed with productive lands, ample waters and is diverse in each and every aspect of its existence. We as a nation hold the maximum human resource in terms of work potential and productivity. This resource covers a wide range abilities and talents right from producing different handmade artefacts for day to day use to being able to erect and successfully run a state of art facility for launching satellites and so on. The real treasure of this nation is this ability dividend that encloses such a variety of expressions of the intelligence. The real question is how to unearth this talents, how to enrich them and how to maximise the potential they have?

Many of these talents tend to go waste in its latent state just because a suitable form of expression is not found for them to get out. Without proper honing and nurture, it could just get a wrong turn and become a bedding ground for bad habits and in the end can harm national interests and be a stumbling block in progress. If the nature of intelligence could be properly identified and then honed, with the help of well directed efforts, we would be able to develop a new generation of leaders from these immensely talented young people. This, would help us realise our dream of making India the beacon that the rest of world has to follow for a quality life. The person who made this dream his mission is Dr. V. V. alias AppasahebPendse. In form of JnanaPrabodhini, he started a multidisciplinary, dynamic and competent organisation, a medium, that could help him achieve his dream. From the beginning he was sure that this kind of nation making needs a scientifically tested foundation. For that he pursued and completed his PhD in he field of psychology. He, then, built up the teaching methodologies in JnanaPrabodhini brick by brick, based on his research. He received a supporting hand in this work from, one of his then student from the Universiy of Pune, Mrs.UshataiKhire. She later became the first HoD of JnanaPrabodhini’s Institute of Psychology.