बाल विकास शिबीर
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CAPEP - Child and Adolescent Psychology Enhancing Potentials
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PhD Awarded to Dr. Shilpa Salve
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दूरभाष समुपदेशन सेवा (Online Counselling)
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ऑनलाईन सर्वांगीण बालविकास उपक्रम
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Admissions of Academic Courses for 2020-2021
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प्रज्ञा प्रबोधन वर्ग - Prajna Prabodhan Varg
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Schedule of Entrance Exam Courses
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*Note:Date of Application for PG Diplomas are extended to 15th August

Product and services

JPIP offers a multitude of services through its products in form of psychological tools, books and assessment consultancies.

Media and Events

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JPIP works though its seven verticals to take the research to the doorsteps of the common person…namely: Psychometrics, Potential enhancement services, Guidance and counselling, Aptitude testing and career guidance, Human resource development unit and academics….

Each vertical has its own defined scope of work. We also arrange symposia, seminars, conferences, educational activities along with providing facilities and scholarships for research.

  • - Worked with national and international universities and agencies across globe.

  • - Government bodies like: UGC, ICSSR, DST, NYC, Trusts , private agencies and corporate
        bodies from India with varied backgrounds 

  • - Utrecht University- The Netherlands, Riverside University California-USA

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