What is the basic qualification to work at JPIP?

All members working at JPIP are minimum post graduates in Psychology or other humanities except administrative staff.

What are the work areas of JPIP?
  •  Research
  • Psychometrics
  • Guidance&Counseling 
  • Human resource development
  • Potential enhancement
  • Academics
  • Aptitude testing and career guidance
Can you help me in research? How?

Yes, JPIP conducts workshops on Research Methodology every year. Also, you can avail the library for specific referencing. Organizations can approach JPIP for research consultancy.

What kind of projects do you take up?

JPIP takes up various research projects in the field of psychology and education. Some projects are collaboratively taken with other departments of Jnana Prabodhini. Projects are mainly funded by UGC, ICSSR, SCERT, NCERT , corporate organizations and other reputed funding agencies.

On which subjects the research projects have been conducted?

So far the following areas have been covered. Giftedness,School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Gender Psychology, *Sexuality Education and other issues related to Psychological and Social development. The future areas are focusing on Quality of life, Psycho social climate , Motivation, leadership and talent identification- enhancement.

Who can join JPIP for research? Is there any entrance exam?

JPSS as a center of PhD research follows the rules laid by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Persons with post- graduation in Psychology / Education willing to get into research can join JPIP depending on availability of opportunity. Ph. D. students from any stream who require guidance about psychology seek guidance from here.

Can I apply for Ph.D from JPIP? . Can I approach any experties from JPIP as Ph.D guide?

Yes. JPSS as a center of PhD research follows the rules laid by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Depending on the availability of vacant seats one can apply online on the university website.

Is your institution affiliated to any University?

Yes. JPIP is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

Does JPIP conduct Seminars / Conferences?

Yes. The detailed information gets updated on the website.

Can I get any kind of counseling and guidance at JPIP?

Yes. We provide counseling and guidance services in following areas. 

  • Educational
  • Aptitude and career guidance
  • Abilityenhancement 
  • Adjustment issues
  • Premarital
  • Marital
  • family issues
Can one get Educational Counseling?

Yes. Educational counseling deals with the children having learning, scholastic, behavioral problems. It can also be taken for ability mapping and areas for enhancement.

Whom should I contact to get Educational Counseling?

For Appointment for Educational Counseling contact Ms. Yogita Maniyar : 020-24207145

Who can approach for Educational counseling?

The children between the age 4 to 15yrs. can avail educational counseling. Those above 15yrs may avail Aptitude measurement and career guidance services.

What is the procedure of Educational counseling?

After having the appointment, the detailed case history is taken followed by the psychological assessment as per requirement and then in-depth counseling is done.

What is Vocational counseling / Career Guidance?

Vocational counseling includes aptitude testing and career guidance.

Who can approach for Vocational Counseling / Career Guidance?

All Those who want to make career decisions can approach. Also those who want to shift their current occupation and / or plan second inning in their career can have guidance. The basic age limit is 15yrs. i.e. The students must have appeared 10th std. exam for availing vocational counseling.

What is the procedure of Vocational Counseling / Career Guidance?

After having the appointment, the Aptitude Testing is done and basd on the detailed report in-depth counseling is done.

What are the fees, place and duration of Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance?

The duration of the assessment is 2:30 hours. Duration of the counseling will be subject to the need of the client. This service is available at Jnana Prabodhini Bhavan. For fees please refer the brochure provided in the site.

Whom should I contact for Vocational Counseling and Career Guidance?

For Career guidance appointment contact : Ms. Sneha Dusane 020-24207144 020-24207106

Do you conduct Aptitude Test in group?

Yes, we do conduct group testing with mutual convenience. For this service – contact : Ms. Sneha Dusane 020-24207144 020-24207106

Are you conducting any course in the field of Psychology?

Two regular full time courses recognized by SPPU are conducted by JPIP

  1. P. G. Diploma in School Psychology
  2. Post graduate advanced diploma in Educating the Gifted: methods and Strategies
  3. Correspondence course on : Child and Adolescent Psychology Enhancing Potentials
What are the fees for PGD in School Psychology?

Fees are charged as per University rules.

Who can enroll for PGD in School Psychology?

Any graduate can enroll, but students must have had at least three papers of Psychology during or before graduation.

Is there any age limit for enrollment to PGD in School Psychology?

No there is no age limit for this course.

What will you teach inPGD in School Psychology?

In this course you will learn basic and advanced knowledge regarding children and adolescent psychology, its application in schools especially for counseling along with a lot of field practice.

After completing PGD in School Psychology, what are the prospects?

You can work with educational institutions as counselor or start one’s own center as a school psychologist.

After completing PGD in School Psychology, what kind of certificate will I get?

You will get a P.G. Diploma certificate of Pune university.