JPIP is an internationally acclaimed research Institute aiming towards identification and nurturance of human potentials for social cause. JPIP covers multiple areas of research pertaining to Psychology and Education. JPIP has conducted research in psychometrics, human development, school psychology, educational psychology, Indian psychology, organizational behavior, gender issues, defense psychology, and psychology of gifted. It has covered topics like intelligence and cognitive competencies, reading and study skills, school environment, creativity, leadership, women’s studies, behavioral intelligence, emotional intelligence, parenting, yoga, personality development, self-concept, social awareness, satisfaction in life etc. It has also undertaken interdisciplinary researches with humanities, languages, health psychology, physical sciences, managerial sciences. Some important government and non-government agencies which have supported JPIP for research projects are- UGC, NCERT, DST, SCERT, ICSSR, SRTI, TATA TRUST, NCY, MSWC, University of Utrecht-The Netherlands. JPIP is one of the unique institutes in India which is completely devoted to applied research in psychology with a huge team of experts in the field working together zealously.

JPIP is known for :

Seminars and Conferences held at JPIP :

  • IQ Controversy( A National Seminar) : January 1988
  • IQ Controversy : 1990
  • Nature and Nurture of Intelligence(at the occasion of First Indian Mensa Meet(IM) : January, 1993
  • Identification and Nurture of Intelligence( 8th conference of Marathi Manas – ShastraParishad) : January, 1994
  • Development of research proposals in Psychology and Education : 1997
  • Thesis writing and evaluation : 1999
  • Research Methodology : 2004
  • National Seminar on ICIT Testing and beyond : 2005
  • Orientation towards Psychological Testing : 2006
  • Concept of Intelligence in Modern Psychology : 2008
  • Specialties of boarding Students : 2008
  • Intelligence(Concept of development) : 2008
  • National Seminar on ‘ICIT Testing and Beyond’ : 2010
  • Beyond Horizons(Giftedness in 21st Century) : 2013
  • National seminar on Quality of life: concept, measurement and enhancement: 2017