Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance

In the prevailing education system, it is imperative for a student to choose a stream after std. 10th. Thereafter the student ought to choose his/her career after std. 12th. Once the choice is made, it is almost inconceivable to reverse the chosen path.

Hence, it is prudent for any student to opt for an Aptitude test in the later years of schooling so that an informed decision can be made. An objective test provides a realistic picture of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Merely effort and hard work are no guarantee for success in a field. Appropriate guidance ensures that the individual fits well into the chosen field and thrives.


  • Enables the individual to identify scientifically his/her aptitude
  • computerized test followed by an immediate report of student’s aptitude profile

What we offer ?

  • i-Tap (Intelligence Test, Adjustment and Personality): From grade 7th to 9th
  • Intelligence and Aptitude Test (iA) : From grade 10th to 12th (Any stream)
  • Studies and Work related Aptitude in Youth Advanced Measurement (SWAYAM): After first year of graduation (any stream) to an adult working or non-working
  • Battery for Entrepreneurship Aptitude Measurement (BEAM): From grade 12th (any stream) to working population to business owners or aspirants for new business
  • Test for Engineering Aptitude and Measurement (TEAM) : test for Engineering Aptitude Measure
  • Career Adviser Training Program (CATP)

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