Who can enroll for these courses?
  • School psychology: Any graduate* with interest in psychology can apply (*conditions apply).
  • Psychology and Nurture of Giftedness: Anyone with either master’s degree or any one-year diploma after graduation can apply.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology: Enhancing Potentials: Any graduate can apply


What will you teach in these Psychology courses?
  • All the courses are unique and application oriented. They focus on developmental aspects of children along with problem identification and remediation. Assignments in all the courses are designed in a way that trains the students to apply psychological principles in real life.
  • School psychology:  Psychological assessment, counselling, skill development
  • Psychology and Nurture of Giftedness: Identification and nurture of different abilities through different methods and strategies, developing facilitation skills, different higher-order skills etc.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology: Enhancing Potentials: Activity designing and facilitation skills for skill and ability building in children, basic counselling skills workshop
  • For details you can refer to the syllabus of each course.


After completing these courses in Psychology, what are the prospects?
  • School psychology:  You have ample scope to work as School counsellor in different schools and colleges, you can work for NGOs/ hospitals/ rehabilitation centres/ day care centres who deal with children, adolescents or in education field. You can start your own activity centre based on scientific psychological principles.
  • Psychology and Nurture of Giftedness: You can work in different centres for high ability individuals. You can contribute in various activities for high ability children run by Jnana Prabodhini, you can apply the knowledge in whatever field you are working in, you can start your own consultancy regarding nurturing talents.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology: Enhancing Potentials: You can start an activity centre of your own based on psychological principles. You can apply the learnt principles in your own profession to make it more effective. The knowledge helps you to enrich your family environment and mould your parenting in desirable ways.
After completing these courses in psychology, what kind of certificate will I get?
  • For the post graduate diploma courses, your will get diploma certificate of Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  • For the distance course, you will get a certificate from Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology.
How can I know the experiences of ex- students of these courses?

You can find the experiences in testimonials on the home page


Which test needs to be done for Career Guidance? IQ or Aptitude?

IQ test is not used for career guidance. We need to do Aptitude Test for career selection.

What is the use/benefit of the Intelligence and Aptitude Measurement (iA) test?

 iA test is used for career guidance for students from 10 th , 11 th and 12 th grade (any stream or board). It helps students choose an appropriate career path based on his/her abilities and orientation.

Intelligence and Aptitude Measurement (iA) test should be conducted in which grade?

iA Aptitude Test can be given for standard 10 th, 11 th and 12 th .

  If a student is in 9 th grade, this test cannot be used. Ask the student to come after 6 months of 10 th Grade. Student who has just completed 12 th standard can give the test.


Can Aptitude tests be given online (from a student's house)?

Tests cannot be given online. Students will have to come to the centre.

What is the procedure of a guidance session?

Career advisor explains the whole report, student’s strengths and weaker areas to the student and parents. Then the advisor suggests a few career areas which are suitable for students as per the report and scope in the future. He/she answers queries/doubts of students and parents. Advisor may also explain how to make improvements in certain abilities if needed. Career choice and success in career depends on many factors like student’s efforts, guidance from parents, teachers, etc.

Whom should I contact for Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance?

For Career guidance appointment contact: Ms. Sneha Dusane 020-24207144 / 020-24207137

Do you conduct an Aptitude Test in a group?

Yes, we do conduct group testing with mutual convenience. For this service – contact: Ms. Sneha Dusane 020-24207144 / 020-24207137 


Is a psychological test available to measure mental health for employees in the organisation?

Yes. We provide this service. It is a standardised test that measures Time is 20 minutes. This test is available in English, Marathi, Hindi languages.


What is the minimum group of people/employees expected to do the Psychological assessment work or Behavioural Training program?

We conduct group and individual assessment or training services with mutual convenience. 

Group Size : Minimum 20 and maximum 30 

Is psychological testing available online for a company / organisation?

No. Our tem will come to your company/Organisation and do a paper-pencil assessment.

Is the Behavioural training service available online for a company/organisation? (Webinar)

Yes. We conduct the webinar for the employees. 

Contact Details for JPIP’S Corporate services: Psychological Assessment/ Soft Skills, Life Skills training/ Counselling

Email: gauri.kulkarni@jnanaprabodhini.org , hrdu@jnanaprabodhini.org

Contact 020-24207205/142/145 (10.00 am to 5.00 pm) (Sat-Sun closed) 

Guidance and Counseling section

Can one get Educational Counseling?
  • Yes. Educational counseling deals with the children having learning, scholastic, behavioral problems. It can also be taken for ability mapping and areas for enhancement.
  • The children and youngsters having learning,scholastic and behavioral problems can get educational counseling. Also it is useful for understanding the strengths and weaknesses in abilities to understand the scope of enhancement.
Who can approach for Educational counseling?
  • The children between the age 4 to 15yrs. can avail educational counseling.
  • Those above 15yrs may avail Aptitude measurement and career guidance services.
  • The children between age 4 to 18 yrs, as well as college going students who face problems related to academic skills, psychological problems like low confidence, lack of study skills, less attention, less concentration in studies, etc can avail educational counselling.