Name : Nilima Arvind Apte 
 Email :
Educational : Master of Arts, 1992 (Clinical Psychology).
Bachelor of Arts, 1990 (Psychology)

Training / Workshops attended :

  • Attended training for administration and interpretation of the test Minnesota Multi-Phasic Inventory at Institute of Psychological Health, Thane, Mumbai in 1992
  • Attended training for use of Rational Emotive Therapy at the Institute of Psychological Health, Thane, Mumbai in 1992
  • Attended National Seminar on “ICIT and Beyond” conducted by Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology, Pune in January 2004.

Work Experience :

A. Currently working with Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha (JPSS) as Coordinator on Project of iA Aptitude Testing (from 1998 onwards). The ‘iA’ Aptitude Test Battery is a computerized test which is administered to students from 10th up to undergraduate level and used for providing vocational guidance.

B. On-job experience includes:

  • Coordinating the written as well as computerized test in English and Marathi.
  • Currently working on development of Advance measurement of Aptitudes in Youth – JPSS SWAYAM – a battery of ability and personality tests
  • Worked in adaptation of Marathi computerized version
  • Co-ordination in adaptation of Guajarati written version.
  • Co-ordination in adaptation of Telugu and Tamil computerized version.
  • Co-ordination in development of the second version of the computerized test battery
  • Administration of the written and computerized test battery in English and Marathi for more than 14,000 students
  • Providing individualized vocational guidance for more than 10000 students
  • Coordinator for workshops on Career Counseling
  • Working as ‘Co-investigator’ on the ‘Revision of the Behavioural Tests of iA Aptitude Test’ Project.
  • Administration of the written test –For JPSS SWAYAM for more than 250 students.

C. Worked with Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology (JPIP) on various projects as Research Assistant/ Test Administrator since 1993, detailed below:

  • Worked on the School Climate Project (1993). Tests based on Guilford’s Structure-of-Intellect (SOI) model were administered in groups to more than 6,000 students
  • Worked on the Follow-up Project (1994). Tests based on Guilford’s SOI model along with interest and adjustment inventories were administered in groups to more than 300 students
  • Worked as a Research Assistant on Project of SPM Indian Norms (1995). The Standard Progressive Matrices was administered in groups to more than 2800 students. Scoring of the tests was also a part of the job. Scoring and re-checking was done for the full normative sample, which consisted of more than 4000 students.
  • Working as Test administrator in various projects for group testing (1996 onwards) in schools and industry (Finolex cable, Mahindra & Mahindra, Whirlpool, etc.). Tests based on Guilford’s SOI model as well as other tests such as interest inventories, personality inventories, and adjustment inventories have been administered in groups to more than 2000 persons. At the industrial level, individual tests of eye-hand coordination have also been administered.
  • Worked as a Research Assistant on Project of ICIT Group 1 (4-6 years) Norms (1997). The job involved administration of an individualized test – Indian Child Intelligence Test (ICIT) – to more than 30 children of the age group 4 to 6 years. The data collected was part of the normative sample for this age group.
  • Worked as Counselor for individual testing and guidance (1996-1997). Administered individual test – ICIT, Bhatia’s Performance Test, Seguin Form Board Test, Binet-Kamath, SPM, CPM and others – to more than100students(JPIP). The tests would be selected according to the requirement. After test administration, based on the result parents would be given counseling.

D. Counseling experience

  • Guidance and Counselling provided to students and parents on an ongoing basis at the Department.
  • Provided Guidance to more than 500 candidates who were administered the JPSS SWAYAM Test Battery.
  • Guidance provided to more than 20 candidates who took the BEAM Assessment Battery.

E. Research Experience : Worked as Co-investigator along with Dr. Meenakshi Gokhale and Advisor- Dr. Usha Khire on the following topics :

  • Exploration into Effects of Mode of Presentation and Grade on the Test Battery iA (Intelligence and Aptitude Measurement) (2003)
  • Exploration into Relationship between Test Difficulty Level and Order of Presentation, Content and Operations Category for the Test Battery iA (2003)
  • Revision of Behavioral Tests in iA Battery – A Pilot Study (2004)
  • Analysis of Feedback of iA Battery and Career Guidance (2004)
  • Revision of Norms for iA Battery (2004)
  • Studies and Work Related Aptitudes in Youth : Advanced Measure (JPSS SWAYAM) (2012)
  • Comparative Study of Students’ Orientation and their Coping Strategies (2012)

F. Worked with S.N.D.T. Department of Psychology as Junior Research Assistant on Project WPPSI – Marathi Norms and on Project CPQ – Marathi Norms (1996). The test Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence(WPPSI) was individually administered to more than 20 children of the age group 4 to 7 years in Marathi as a part of the normative sample. The Child Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) was administered to more than 100 children in Marathi as a part of the normative sample.

G. One-year honorary job as Clinical Psychologist at Yerawada Mental Hospital (1992-1993). Used the Bender-Gestalt and Rorschach test to diagnose psychiatric patients to more than 300 patients.

H. Conducting regular Mensa test for persons from 10 years up to 95 years every 3rd and 4th Sunday of every month .The test is administered in an Individual setting as well as Group setting. Tests administered: SPM (Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices), CFIT Scale 2 Form A, CFIT Scale 3 Form A, Abstract Reasoning Subtest from Differential Aptitude Test Battery, and N.V.T.I. The procedure includes scoring of the same. The tests have been administered to more than 2000 students. The tests have been administered in Pune and out of Pune also.

Hobbies :

  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Sports – badminton and tennis