1 . Who are the members?
All members are M.A. Psychology, and / or Psychology Professionals, except administrative staff (Team JPIP)
2 . What are the work areas of JPIP?
1. Research 2. Counselling and Guidance 3. Training 4.Teaching 5.Application of psychological research 6. Extension Activities like MENSA, Marathi Manas-shastra Parishad
3 . Can you help me in P. G. Research? How?
Yes, JPIP conducts workshops on Research Methodology. Also, you can have our library membership
4 . What kind of projects do you take up?
We take up various Research projects in the field of psychology and education. Some projects are collaboratively taken with other departments of Jnana Prabodhini. These are mainly funded by UGC, ICSSR, SCERT, NCERT and other reputed funding agencies.?(Research)
5 . On which subjects the research projects have been conducted?
School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Women Psychology, Sexuality Education and other issues related to Psychological and Social development. Collaborative projects are about rural development, Ayurved and Indian Culture in relation to Psychology. (Research)
6 . Who can join JPIP for research? Is there any entrance exam?
Anybody who is having postgraduation in Psychology / Education can join JPIP. Ph. D. students from any streme who require guidence about psychology can be a part of JPIP. Students from Psychology field can register their names for Ph.D. from JPIP. ?
7 . Can I apply for Ph.D from JPIP?
8 . Can I approach any experties from JPIP as Ph.D guide?
Yes. You may get the guidence for Ph. D. in psychology and education.
9 . Is your institution affiliated to any University?
Yes. JPIP is affiliated to University of Pune.
10 . Do JPIP conducts Seminars / Conferences?
Yes. The detailed information will be updated timely in the Event's section.
11 . Can I get any kind of counseling and guidance at JPIP?
Yes. We provide counseling and guidance services in following areas. 1. Educational 2. Aptitude and career guidance 3. Ability enhancement 4. Adjustment issues 5. Premarital 6. Marital 7. family issues
12 . Can one get Educational Counselling?
Yes. Educational counseling deals with the children having learning, scholastic, behavioural problems. As well as assessment and guidance is availabe to know and improve the Psychological development of the child. (Guidance and Counselling)
13 . Whom should I contact to get Educational Counselling?
For Appointment for Educational Counselling contact Ms. Yogita Maniyar : 020-24207145
14 . Who can approach for Educational counselling?
The children between the age 4 to 15yrs. can approach for educational counseling. Above 15yrs. One can go for Aptitude measurement and career guidance
15 . What is the procedure of Educational counselling?
After having the apponitment, the detailed case history is taken then the psychological assessment is done as per requirement and then in-depth counselling is done.
16 . what is Vocational counselling / Career Guidance?
Vocational counseling includes aptitude testing and career guidance.
17 . Who can approach for Vocational Counselling / Career Guidance?
All Those who want to make career decisions can approach. Also those who want to shift their current occupation and / or plan second career can have guidance. The basic age limit is 15yrs. i.e. The students must have appeared 10th std. exam can approach for vocational counselling.
18 . What is the procedure of Vocational Counselling / Career Guidance?
After having the apponitment, the detailed case history is taken then the Aptitude Testing is done and then In-depth counselling is done.
19 . What are the fees, place and duration of Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance?
Charges for assessment and counselling are 900/- per head and the duration of the assessment is 2:30 hours. Duration of the counselling will be decided on time. This service is available at Jnana Prabodhini Bhavan.
20 . Whom should I contact for Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance?
For Career guidance contact : Ms. Nilima Apte 020-24207144 / 24207106

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