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JPIP is a Research Institute aiming towards Identification and nurturance of human potentials for social cause. Objective and comprehensive assessment is necessary for both these purposes. Test development is an independent, advanced and technical area of research. It is based on well-developed theory of psychometrics. Psychometrics section of JPIP has a goal of developing indigenous tests appropriate for assessment needs in local culture. First milestone achieved in this direction was construction of 120 tests measuring 120 factors of intelligence demonstrated in structure of intellect (SOI) model put forth by eminent psychologist late Dr. J. P. Guilford. Since then JPIP is passionately working on development of tools useful for variety of applications.

Who all can be assessed? :

Students, Teachers, Professors, Researchers, Social Workers, Employees in Industries, Banks & Public Sector Undertakings, Parents & Lay-men of all age-levels, rural & urban, gifted literate & illiterate people, also people from India & abroad.

Areas covered by tests :

Mainly related to Psychology and education. Till date JPIP has prepared and published tests measuring abilities, aptitudes, adjustment and personality.


  • Test Construction
  • Test Revision
  • Test Adaptation
  • Application of tests
  • Products developed
  • Training in Psychological Testing
    • Orientation to Psychological Testing
    • Training in specific purpose tests
    • Representing JPIP as resource person/s in Colleges, Universities, NGO,s etc.
  • Test lab development
    • Computer lab
    • Paper pencil versions
  • Test material management


  • Strong research foundation
  • Cover all important aspects of Human Psychology Abilities, Aptitudes, Personality, Interest
  • Catering to age range 5-65
  • Extensive rural and urban normative sample used for standardization

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