Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology (JPIP) is offering Two Programs for Parents of Children (age 3 – 17 yrs) with High-Potentials.

  1. प्रज्ञामैत्र(Prajna-Maitra)
    (A Self-Help and Support Group for the Parents of Children with High-potentials)
  • A self-help and support group working since 2014
  • A monthly opportunity to meet and learn from trained personnel about high-potentials and its nurturance
  • Guidance from experts at Jnana Prabodhini
  • Building support network through संवाद (group-discussion) with other parents.
  • Thoroughly interactive sessions
  • Group runs in Marathi
  • Parents from Pune attend the sessions offline, while parents outside Pune attend the sessions online
  1. Parenting Children with High-Potentials lecture series
    (Online Lecture series
    for the Parents of Children with High-Potentials)
  • For parents who prefer English as a language of instruction
  • Once in two months, Online
  • Parents outside Pune or India can avail this service
  • Format of the session: Information shared by the Expert Facilitator followed by question-answer slot
  • There will be moderate emphasis on discussion.

प्रज्ञा-मैत्र and Parenting Children with High-Potentials (PCHP) Lecture Series started and grown out of the need of:

  • Understanding our high-potential child
  • Nurturing his / her abilities
  • Being a well-informed and well-equipped parent to nurture high-potentials

How do we achieve that:

  • Knowledge sharing, facilitation and support by trained personnel in Education of the Gifted
  • Guidance by experts at JPIP
  • Experience sharing by parents – theoretical knowledge is blended with practical implementation through interactive sessions
  • Various media are used to deliver the content of the session
  • Discussion-sharing part of the sessions gives parent cross-cultural exposure of nurturing high-potentials with the emphasis on Indian parenting values.

Both the groups give a platform for parents sailing in the same boat to acquire knowledge, exchange support, making this Parenting Journey more enjoyable and less bumpy…

We offer

Program Name Eligibility Details
Prajna Maitra : A Self Help and Support Group for Parents of Children with High-potentials.
Parents of children with high-potentials (children between 3 to 17 years)
Through monthly and thoroughly interactive sessions, parents are being equipped to face different kinds of challenges in understanding, channelizing and nurturing the high-potentials of their child.
The program runs in two languages:

1. प्रज्ञा-मैत्र (Prajna-Maitra) - Online and offline, Monthly sessions run in Marathi, 16 sessions.

2. PCHP Lecture Series
- Online only, Sessions in every Two months which is in English, 8 sessions

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